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Hello! I’m Cristina

Entrepreneur, life coach and mentor for people looking to become the best version of themselves. My mission is to help you find your purpose, so that you can bring it into your personal and professional life.

I’m dedicated to help you through this change of becoming the person you most want to be.


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results

-Albert Einstein

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Learn about my experience in the entrepreneurship world, professional sport, coaching and mentoring, as well as the techniques I use to carry out my projects and reach my goals.

The coaching sessions with Cristina have helped me clear my mind and leave doubts. What helped me most was the strategy of actions that we set to achieve my personal goals. Creating this strategy and carrying out actions based on my goals has made it much more efficient, and has helped me clarify the path to follow in my personal and work future. Her sessions allow me now to see a clearer path, where before it seemed impossible. It has been a very positive experience and if I need it again in the future I will not hesitate for a moment to return. I recommend Cristina's services to all those people who are a bit stuck or need a change in their life and want to change their direction, to feel happier and fuller.
Cristina has helped me take a new direction, get to know what I want, where I want to go, and what my goals really are in life. I have learned to know myself, to differentiate myself from the rest and to be more productive as well as effective. My experience has been incredible and totally recommendable. Her sessions have meant a 180º turn in my career.
Daniel Prizz
Before working with Cristina, I did not know how to launch my business. Thanks to her, I have learned to take action instead of just thinking about what to do. She has taken me out of my comfort zone, giving me tasks and demanding results, forcing me to do things that I did not feel capable of doing. Now I project myself forward. Today I have an action plan, and I'm sure that without it I would not have done any of that! She always supports me and I know that I can count on her for my project as well as when I have doubts. My experience has been super positive!
– Nicolas Maloisel –
Her sessions have helped me to determine where I want to direct my life and prioritize the areas in which I have to focus to achieve my goals. Cristina guided and pushed me to face situations that I did not feel very comfortable with and that were holding me back from my personal and professional growth. Thanks to this process, I moved to the country where I always wanted to live and started a professional career that challenged me and helped me grow professionally. It has been a great experience that has motivated me to understand how I should advance and improve in various aspects of my life. I would recommend your sessions to everyone. I'm still talking about you today!
– Deniz Kucuk –
Cristina is a very professional and highly qualified coach. She knows how to get to the point in each session, to see what you need, without letting you get lost with irrelevant details and without letting you go by the bush. She has given me the tools to easily achieve my goals, especially in terms of self-confidence and focusing on my professional life. I totally recommend Cristina as a coach to anyone, especially those who want to start in the entrepreneur world.
– Marta Casals –
I've gone from living a life of ideas, to seeing my goals come true thanks to Cristina. She has helped me to take action and overcome my fears. After a period of stagnation, I have begun to take steps forward creating a committed action plan. Cristina is not content with going half-way, she wants to see the maximum brightness and potential of people. Her direct style, directed action, openness and sincerity have helped me to take the action I just needed. I have immense gratitude for her initiative, patience, conviction and interest in helping me. In each of the sessions I have witnessed her seriousness, sweetness, impeccable professionalism and enormous heart. You have given me an unpayable gift. Thank you!
– Laia G. –