I have always been a passionate person, with a big desire to live life to the fullest and fight for what my heart dictates. Therefore, I am very happy to have created this platform to be able to inspire and guide you to achieve your own dreams, through actions and tangible results.

Do you want to know my journey?

After an extensive career as a professional athlete, my life took a 180 degree turn. In 2009, after a serious accident days before the World Water Skiing Championship in Canada, I began to rethink my life and be interested in more momentous issues.

Falling, getting lost and failing is part of the journey…

For a while, I dedicated myself to dentistry, a profession that I didn’t enjoy, living thousands of kilometers away from my family and friends. I created my dental business to subsidize my return to the sports world. However, my injury never allowed me to return to the same level again.

I spent the most difficult years of my life, I encountered obstacles that I never imagined would get in my way. And when I hit rock bottom, I realized that I had to start all over again and resurface with more strength than ever… and since then, that’s how it’s been!

“If you do not like something, do not be afraid to leave it”

The decision to start from scratch involved selling my business, abandoning the security of a well-paid and reputed job, and deciding that fear would not paralyze me. I invested all my savings to get certificated as a coach and kept developing my knowledge in personal development, entrepreneurship and marketing to be able to give the maximum value to my new project, as well as being able to add value to others.

“Success means growing and learning

During this process, I recovered my old healthy habits and started to take care of myself inside and out. I took back the habit of sport, yoga classes, meditation, and good nutrition. In addition, I decided to surround myself again with the people who add meaning to my life.

“How we treat and feed our body is a reflection of how we truly feel about ourselves”

I’ve always had a great interest in human potential and the power of the mind. I firmly believe that, with passion, everything is possible in life. Personal growth is essential to feel complete and to get closer to our goals to make our dreams come true.

“It doesn’t have to be difficult, simply
be yourself”

If you are still on the pursue of your path and want to start making your dreams come true, I can help you to bring out all the authenticity and strength that is in you. My mission is to help you find your values and create enough courage for you to reach your maximum potential and your goals!

Only by being authentic you’ll be able to give the best of yourself to the world! There is something very important that you should know: to succeed in life you do not have to change, you simply have to believe in yourself, grow and make your personality your greatest potential.

I want to help you on this journey and will do it your way