Throughout my sports career I have achieved 16 international water-ski medals in European and Middle East Championships, a U21 World bronze medal and consecutive national water ski records, three of which are still reminding today. In 2002 I was Spanish National Champion in snow skiing U14, and water skiing open the same year.

Thanks to my sports career I have also been able to get closer to the world of sports fashion and advertising, acting as a model for Nike in countries such as The Netherlands, Sweden, EAU and USA.

For a while, I combined my career as a professional athlete with my studies in Dentistry. A serious injury limited my future in my sports career, but far from taking it as a defeat, it was an opportunity to wake back up and undertake a new challenge: to practice as a dentist. At 25 years old I opened my own Dental Clinic on the Caribbean Island of Saint-Martin. This intense trajectory, coupled with the fact that in the last 12 years I have lived in five different countries, has made me live many experiences that taught me that anything is impossible.

Self-improvement, personal growth
and perseverance have been my basic ingredients
to overcome all obstacles I found on my way
The road to my life purpose

And in the end, not having given up was the major successes that has made it all worthwhile.