As a High-Achiever I know you’re used to taking action and achieving great things.

You’re a DO-ER so you’re never more comfortable than when you’re “doing” and when you’re in pursuit of a goal that inspires you.

The downside is that for high-achievers when there’s the absence of direction or deviation from what really brings meaning to our life, we can feel lost.

Often what this looks like is a loss of motivation and the desire to do anything….we need to be fully challenged or we stall.

So…why do we get to this place in the first place?

This can occur when we’ve achieved “success” only to discover that success and feeling fulfilled are two very different things.

When our success feels unfulfilling it can leave us floundering and questioning because oftentimes we’ve worked so hard to achieve that success.

In my experience, the way to remedy this feeling is not to simply focus on more success, our next success but instead focus on success that fulfils us.

It’s time to shift our focus from Success >>>>>>>>>> Successful + Fulfilled.

This can be a challenging time as we navigate big change and we shift from what we once believed would bring us happiness to the realization it may be something else entirely.

That can be very confronting, especially for high-achievers because we looove certainty, we love to take decisive action on a solid goal; exploring what truly makes us happy can be scary and create a lot of unease…something high-achievers do anything they can to avoid.

But…I’m here to tell you that the feelings of unease, dissatisfaction, floundering…..are going to remain until you DO take a look at this. The good news is that exploring this and uncovering what truly fulfills you has to be neither painful or long.

This is precisely why I created this program, to help high-achievers like you move through this process swiftly in a pragmatic and efficient way so you can get back to doing what you do best….chasing big goals.


You’re a high-achiever who’s had a self-realisation that there is MORE out there for you and you’re on the verge to living a fulfilled life with PURPOSE. And that can mean a BIG change.

Change in Career Path.

Change In Your Personal Life.

Change In Where You Live (maybe you’re thinking about moving country).

Maybe You’re Ready To Follow Your Dreams & Start A New Business….just to name a few.

ALL of these changes are going to require a certain amount of risk…and it’s my role to support you, and make sure you do the change you’ve always wanted to do. (as you navigate this next phase in your life.)

Let me tell you about why I’m the master of helping people like you navigate change so they can follow their dreams.

Throughout my life, I have experienced the taste of success with no fulfilment, many times.

In my early years, I achieved many big goals in sports…

11 Spanish National titles.

Several Spanish National Records (three still remaining today)

And 16 international medals in European Championships.

Even though I felt passionate about my sports career, there was always something missing.

I spent many years achieving success in the sports world and then in 2009, I had an accident that ended my sports dream and my passion, water ski.

After my accident, I felt lost…for a very long time.

I eventually made the decision to finish my studies in dentistry and become a dentist because I had decided that if I couldn’t achieve in sports I would achieve big goals in my profession.

At 25 years of age, I bought my own Dental Clinic only to realize just a few years later that my big professional achievements had no real purpose and meant nothing to me.

That feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction led me to take action and make my BIG change.

I decided to sell my Dental Clinic, quit my job as a dentist and invest all my life savings on my education as a coach and to learn from the best leaders and forge my new successful career with PURPOSE.

My goal is now to guide you to achieve your goals and fulfil YOUR dreams, by helping you to pivot from a successful life, to a SUCCESSFUL and FULFILLED life.


This coaching program is designed to help you move from the stuck place you’re in right now to not only having a very clear picture of the direction you’ll be taking but actually taking action on it.

Over 12 Weekly Sessions I’ll be partnering with you to uncover what success + fulfillment looks like for you now, helping you to formulate your plan of action and holding space for you as implement your game plan.

I’ll push you.

I’ll challenge you.

I’ll support & encourage you.

And I’ll hold you accountable and continue to clear the path forward as resistance and fear show up along the way.

This coaching package comprises of 12 Weekly Coaching Sessions along with Voicemail support between sessions.

If you believe I’m the right person to help you as you take on your next big challenge please apply for coaching using the form below and I’ll be in touch very soon.